Pool UV Systems

Upgrade your water treatment system with the introduction of UV

Chloramines in your pool water can cause unpleasant smells and even allergic reactions. Hanovia UV systems destroy them as well as dangerous waterborne micro-organisms including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Your pool users will enjoy fresher-smelling, cleaner and more hygienic water, while you enjoy the reliability and effectiveness of a highly efficient water treatment system.

On commercial new build projects UV now considered as the norm and it can also be easily retro fitted into existing systems to bring the water treatment package into line with current best practice.

Apart from the advantages of its disinfection properties and the removal of chloramines it reduces chemical and water usage. The UV acts as the primary disinfectant and as a result of this the free chlorine level can be reduced from typically 1.5 mg/l to 0.8mg/l. A pool with reduced free chlorine is a much better environment for bathers and with significantly reduced chloramines there will be no ‘chlorine’ smell in the pool hall, reduced red eye and reduced potential for corrosion of the building associated with acid attack.

An energy efficient and environmentally responsible system

•    Reduces the need for dilution
•    Cuts the use of chemicals and avoids the need for routine shock dosing with chlorine
•    Reduces requirements for free chlorine residual
•    Creates no hazardous by-products
•    Reduces corrosion of steel structures – minimising maintenance costs.

Controlling costs

•    Cuts your use of chemicals
•    Requires little maintenance
•    Reduces energy bills if you use the Power Switching option
•    Reduces water bills, as there is no need to control combined chlorine levels by dilution and back washing.
•    Avoids repair and replacement costs from chemical wear and tear on pool fittings.

The UV’s installed by us are specifically designed for use on pools. Sterling Hydrotech is an approved installation and service provider for Hanovia, ATG and Siemens and so we are able to install the unit and more importantly support it from a service and maintenance point of view.

The UV’s are selected to provide the required dose of 60mJ/cm based on a typical pool water with a UV transmittance of T10>98%

The UV is installed on full flow (not side stream) and is located in the outlet pipework after the sand filters. The circulation pipework will be modified to incorporate inlet / outlet isolating valves and a full flow bypass valve.

All UV’s installed by Sterling Hydrotech are commercial quality systems specifically designed for use on swimming pools incorporating medium pressure lamps for disinfection and chloramine reduction.   

The systems incorporate typically the following: -

-    Stainless Steel Chamber with medium pressure lamp
-    Control panel (Mounted on galvanised Unistrut)
-    20m interconnecting cable
-    Energy saving “GreenSwitch” power switching system
-    Automatic wiper system
-    UV monitor
-    Stainless steel in-line strainer

Pipework sections connected to the UV chamber will be stainless steel the remainder is UPVC.