PAC is a flocculent and is used to increase the filtration efficiency by causing small particles to bind together which can then be more effectively removed by the sand filters. Some of the small particles are bacteria etc, and in general terms the clarity of the pool water increases significantly as less suspended matter passes through the filters. Although chlorine will destroy bacteria and oxidize organic materials they remain in the water as a suspended solid and without PAC are too small to be removed by sand filtration alone.

This leads to greater chlorine demand and cloudy, dull-looking pool water. The PWTAG recommend flocculation to prevent filter breakthrough of Cryptosporidium (99.9% removal). PAC is being added to many existing installations for the benefits previously given and on new dosing installations there are nearly always fitted and have become the norm.

We can install PAC dosing systems on new or existing installations and can be used on all types of pools from leisure, competition and learner pools.