Leak Detection

Due to their age many pools have problems with old corroded pipe work which is leaking and the leak cannot be identified due to the pipe work being buried underground, we can offer a cost effective solution to identify the location of the leak on the pipe work without having the expense of excavating the whole pool surround to expose the pipe work to try and identify a leak.

Our leak detection services can be used to identify leaks on buried pipe work on the circulation system on all types of swimming pools including indoor, outdoor pools and water activity play areas.

Services include:

• Initial site visit to check & test pool plant equipment
• Full pressure test & report on all associated pool pipe work
• Underwater survey in pool shell including full report & photographs
• Whilst pinpointing leaks in the liner or structure we carry out dye testing & electronic vector mapping where appropriate
• On location of the leak we will then be able to carry out the repair.

We utilise state of the art leak detection equipment to locate leaks on buried underground pipe work, our detections systems can find leaks on both cast iron and PVC pipe work. Our methods include; acoustic, thermal, correlation and gas tests.

Leak repair/replacement

When the location of the leak is detected our experienced engineers will excavate the area, and either, repair, or replace the section of buried pipe.