Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is now an acceptable alternative to Demineralised systems giving high quality water in the region of < 25 microsiemens or better with a duel pass R.O. or a Mixed bed Polisher cartridge. The R.O. Units also have the advantage of not using any regeneration chemicals and are low maintenance.

No Chemicals Low Maintenance

We offer a range of RO units from 0.8 m3h-1 to 60 m3h-1 Permeate flow rates. Each R.O. unit should be preceded with a Duplex Softener and a Carbon Filter unit to protect the membranes from damage.

Compact footprints are available using Low-pressure membranes giving up to 75% recovery. The units come complete with Pressure gauges and Flow gauges for Permeate and Concentrate water. Pumps are available in Single –Phase and 3- Phase units using a microprocessor controller via level probes.

Following a detailed site survey and analysis the units will offer 75% recovery based upon a towns mains supply at approximately 10 to 15 deg C.

A free detailed survey can be offered as required to confirm the design parameters.